The WDO is not yet complete.

I. The inspector will inspect, for an additional fee:
  • wood members in finished spaces, unfinished spaces, including attics, crawlspaces and foundation areas
    for signs of WDOs (Wood Destroying Organisms) including affected areas and evidence such as mud tubes, wings, body parts, frass etc.
II. The inspector will describe:
  • the location and type of damage or evidence observed
III. The inspector will report as in need of correction:
  • wood members that are, in the opinion of the inspector, in need of repair or replacement
IV. The inspector is not required to:
  • dissasemble any fixed panels or wall coverings to uncover evidence of, damage from, or existence of WDO's
The WDO report can be downloaded here--> WDO Report

Report prepared by Stephen Prinkey, CPI