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Chimney inspector certification seal.

Requirements to be a Certified Chimney and Fireplace Inspector

Certified Chimney and Fireplace Inspector Certificate.

A visual inspection of the fireplace and chimney is required by InterNACHI's Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection, which can be read in its entirety at http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm.

According to the Standards, the inspector is required to inspect:

  ⦿   readily accessible and visible portions of all fireplaces and chimneys
  ⦿   the lintel above the fireplace opening
  ⦿   the damper door by opening and closing it, if readily accessible and manually operable
  ⦿   the cleanout door and frame.


The goal of the inspection is to provide observations that may lead to the decrease of hazardous conditions associated with fireplaces and chimneys. If the inspection reveals that an existing chimney is not safe for the intended application, it must be repaired, rebuilt, lined, relined, or replaced with a vent or chimney to conform to building standards.


The scope of the inspection is limited to readily accessible and visible portions of the fireplace and chimney. The inspection is not all-inclusive or technically exhaustive. The inspection involves a visual-only examination the readily accessible portions of the chimney exterior, interior, accessible portions of the appliance, and the chimney connection.

The inspector will look at the general structure of the chimney and any connections to appliances, stoves, and heating systems. The inspector will also look for improper installation, obstructions, and combustible deposits.

The inspector will advise his/her client that all fireplaces, fuel-burning stoves, and chimneys should be inspected by a certified chimney sweep prior to their first use, and not less than annually.

As an InterNACHI certified chimney inspector, we have been trained to identify and evaluate the following components of a chimney. We will then report if any defects or deficiencies are observed.

  ⦿   Chimney Connection
  ⦿   Inlet
  ⦿   3-2-10 Rule for Chimneys
  ⦿   Clearance
  ⦿   Masonry Chimney Footing
  ⦿   Chimney Lining
  ⦿   Clay Lining
  ⦿   Metal Flue Lining
  ⦿   Cast-In-Place Lining
  ⦿   Fuel-Gas Termination
  ⦿   Type B Vents
  ⦿   Type L Vents
  ⦿   2-2-10 vs. 3-2-10
  ⦿   Corbeling
  ⦿   Chimney Flashing
  ⦿   Chimney Cricket
  ⦿   Chimney Crown
  ⦿   Fireplace Hearth
  ⦿   Fireplace Lintel
  ⦿   Fireplace Size
  ⦿   Firebox Side and Rear Walls
  ⦿   Fireplace Throat
  ⦿   Fireplace Damper
  ⦿   Fireplace Smoke Shelf
  ⦿   Fireplace Smoke Chamber
  ⦿   Fireplace Ash Dump
  ⦿   Ash Dump Cleanout
  ⦿   Exterior Air
  ⦿   Chimney Flue Size
  ⦿   Glass Doors
  ⦿   Factory-Built Fireplaces
  ⦿   Panel Walls
  ⦿   Wood-Burning Stoves
  ⦿   Efficiency and Air Pollutants
  ⦿   Initial Inspection
  ⦿   Fireplaces
  ⦿   Hearths, Hearth Extensions and Fire Chambers
  ⦿   Initial Single-Wall Metal Chimney Inspection
  ⦿   Interior Single-Wall Metal Chimneys
  ⦿   Exterior Single-Wall Metal Chimneys
  ⦿   Chimney Outlets
  ⦿   Flues and Liners
  ⦿   Flue Size
  ⦿   Connectors
  ⦿   Cleanouts
  ⦿   Sample Reporting Language
  ⦿   Water Damage
  ⦿   Water-Damaged Mortar Joints
  ⦿   Install a Cricket
  ⦿   Efflorescence
  ⦿   Indications of Moisture
  ⦿   Porous Building Materials
  ⦿   Capillary Action
  ⦿   Destructive Pressures
  ⦿   Spalling
  ⦿   Identifying Efflorescence
  ⦿   Prevention and Removal of Efflorescence
  ⦿   Preventing Collapse
  ⦿   Safe Practices for Fireplaces
  ⦿   Fireplace Safety for Homeowners
  ⦿   Keep Fireplaces and Wood Stoves Clean
  ⦿   Safely Burn Fuels
  ⦿   Protect the Outside and Inside of Your Home
  ⦿   Fire Extinguishers
  ⦿   Fire Type
  ⦿   Extinguisher Types
  ⦿   Inspection of Extinguishers
  ⦿   Extinguisher Testing and Replacement
  ⦿   Fireplace Fuel
  ⦿   Ventless Fireplace Inspection
  ⦿   Chimney Kickout Flashing

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