We are a Certified Deck Inspector in Florida.

Deck inspector certification seal.

Requirements to be a Certified Deck Inspector

Certified Deck Inspector Certificate.

This course teaches the inspector to perform residential and commercial wood deck inspections. It includes a review of all common deck defects.

Upon successful completion of this course, the inspector will be able to:
  ⦿   list and describe the major components of a deck;
  ⦿   distinguish between proper and improper installation techniques; 
  ⦿   identify and describe common major structural and safety problems; and
  ⦿   communicate to a client indications of defects.

Course includes:
  ⦿   8,408 words;
  ⦿   2 minutes of instructional video;
  ⦿   inspection and writing assignment;
  ⦿   research and writing assignment;
  ⦿   17 quiz questions in 5 quizzes;
  ⦿   25-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  ⦿   Certificate of Completion.

The Inspector will learn the following:
  ⦿   Course Objectives
  ⦿   Decks and Similar Structures
  ⦿   Decks Defined
  ⦿   Porches
  ⦿   Verandahs
  ⦿   Balconies
  ⦿   Patios
  ⦿   From the Ground Up
  ⦿   Deck Load
  ⦿   Footings and Posts
  ⦿   Wood Decay
  ⦿   Moisture and Wood Decay
  ⦿   The Pick Test
  ⦿   Support and Connections
  ⦿   Girders and Beams
  ⦿   Ledger Connections
  ⦿   Overhangs
  ⦿   Framing Around
  ⦿   Cantilevered Decks
  ⦿   Bracing
  ⦿   Connections and Fasteners
  ⦿   Posts and Rails
  ⦿   Guardrails and Supports
  ⦿   Decking
  ⦿   Board placement and Support
  ⦿   Stairs
  ⦿   Stringers, Risers and Treads
  ⦿   Lighting
  ⦿   Handrails
  ⦿   Electrical Receptacles
  ⦿   Receptacle Requirements
  ⦿   Weatherproof Receptacles
  ⦿   Other Considerations
  ⦿   Location and Egress

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