We are Certified to Perform Moisture Intrusion Inspections in Florida.

Moisture Intrusion inspector certification seal.

Requirements to be an InterNACHI Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector

Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector Certificate.

The goal of this course is to teach the student how to identify and report on moisture intrusion in homes and commercial buildings.

Upon successful completion of this course, the inspector will be able to:
  ⦿   identify and describe specific details of building that may cause moisture-related problems;
  ⦿   describe the design, construction, and maintenance of houses and buildings that manage moisture effectively;
  ⦿   inspect for indications of moisture intrusion;
  ⦿   communicate how to prevent moisture intrusion by proper installation of systems and components;
  ⦿   understand how energy, moisture, water, and vapor moves through a building;
  ⦿   recognize evidence of structural damage and previous repair; and
  ⦿   communicate to clients indications of moisture intrusion.

Picture of Moisture Intrusion

This course also teaches the best building practices and standards that make a home moisture-resistant. Building practices and construction techniques are essential for an inspector to understand. Building components that are defective, incorrectly installed, or simply missing can produce moisture-related problems. Moisture intrusion of a building can cause major structural damage and can threaten the safety of its occupants. Most E&O insurance claims in the inspection industry involve moisture intrusion. Once an inspector knows what properly installed building components looks like, then recognizing installation defects becomes easy. Education and training on the best and most recent building practices for controlling moisture are essential for every property inspector.

Course includes:
  ⦿   36,515 words;
  ⦿   1.1 hours of video;
  ⦿   inspection and writing assignment;
  ⦿   research and writing assignment;
  ⦿   55 quiz questions in 5 quizzes;
  ⦿   50-question final exam;
  ⦿   Certificate of Completion.

The Inspector will learn the following:
  ⦿   Scope and Approach
  ⦿   Moisture Moves
  ⦿   Inspecting for Moisture Intrusion
  ⦿   Inspectors and Codes
  ⦿   Moisture-Resistant Roof Systems
  ⦿   Roof Flashing 
  ⦿   Roof Ventilation and Insulation
  ⦿   Roof Overhangs and Projections
  ⦿   Roof Drainage, Gutters and Downspouts
  ⦿   Moisture-Resistant Wall System
  ⦿   Checking Windows and Doors
  ⦿   Flashing of Wall Components
  ⦿   Check Caulks and Sealants
  ⦿   Moisture-Resistant Foundations
  ⦿   Inspecting the Basement Foundation
  ⦿   Basement Wall Insulation
  ⦿   Slab-on-Grade Construction
  ⦿   Slab-on-Grade Insulation
  ⦿   Crawlspaces and Moisture
  ⦿   Checking Ground Clearances
  ⦿   Check Wood Preservative
  ⦿   Alternative Foundations
  ⦿   Moisture Vapor Control
  ⦿   Climate Considerations
  ⦿   Moisture Vapor Problems
  ⦿   Indoor Humidity Problems
  ⦿   Air Leakage and Major Moisture Problems
  ⦿   Vapor Retarder Major Problems
  ⦿   Mechanical Systems and Moisture
  ⦿   Efflorescence and Capillary Action
  ⦿   Construction-Phase Inspections
  ⦿   Water Management and Damage Prevention
  ⦿   Moisture Control for Homeowners
  ⦿   Where to Look for Problems
  ⦿   Bathroom Problems
  ⦿   Looking in the Utility Room
  ⦿   Looking for Attic Problems
  ⦿   Basement Moisture Problems
  ⦿   Laundry Moisture Problems
  ⦿   What to Look for Outside
  ⦿   Checking Roof Moisture Problems

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