We are a Certified Plumbing Inspector in Florida.

Plumbing inspector certification seal.

Requirements to be an InterNACHI Certified Plumbing Inspector

Certified Plumbing Inspector Certificate.

The goal of this course is to teach inspectors how to perform an inspection of the plumbing system of a home. It includes a review of leaks, inadequate water supplies, water contamination, and incorrect installations of components.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  ⦿   inspect the various components of the plumbing system;
  ⦿   identify the components of the plumbing system;
  ⦿   understand how the components of the plumbing system function and perform;
  ⦿   describe to clients defects observed at the plumbing system.

Course includes:
  ⦿   36,339 words;
  ⦿   6.6 hours of training video; 
  ⦿   inspection and writing assignment;
  ⦿   research and writing assignment;
  ⦿   88 quiz questions in 13 quizzes;
  ⦿   70-question final exam;
  ⦿   Certificate of Completion.

You will learn the following: 
  ⦿   InterNACHI Standards of Practice
  ⦿   Glossary of Terms
  ⦿   Fixtures
  ⦿   Minimum Number of Plumbing Fixtures
  ⦿   Access for Cleaning
  ⦿   Clearance for Water Closets, Lavatories
  ⦿   Connections, Flanges and Joints
  ⦿   Overflows
  ⦿   Automatic Clothes Washer
  ⦿   Bathtubs
  ⦿   Glazing
  ⦿   Bidets
  ⦿   Dishwashing Machines
  ⦿   Floor and Trench Drains
  ⦿   Food Waste Grinders
  ⦿   Laundry Tubs and Trays
  ⦿   Lavatories or Washbasins
  ⦿   Showers
  ⦿   Sinks
  ⦿   Urinals
  ⦿   Water Closets
  ⦿   Whirlpool Tubs
  ⦿   Faucets and Other Fixtures
  ⦿   Faucet and Fixture Temperature Control
  ⦿   Fixture Tailpieces
  ⦿   Water Heaters
  ⦿   Water Heater as a Space Heater
  ⦿   Sacrificial Rod
  ⦿   Drain Valves
  ⦿   Access
  ⦿   Water Heater Labeling
  ⦿   Tankless Water Heaters
  ⦿   Tankless Coils from Boilers
  ⦿   Water Heater Tank Locations
  ⦿   Confined Space and Combustion Air
  ⦿   Seismic Supports for Tanks
  ⦿   Water Valves for Tanks
  ⦿   Dip Tube Hole Inside Tanks
  ⦿   Fuel Shutoff Valves or Electric Disconnect
  ⦿   TPR Valves
  ⦿   Expansion Tank on Boiler
  ⦿   Discharge Pipe on TPR Valve
  ⦿   Water Leak Catch Pan
  ⦿   Hot Water Tank Defects
  ⦿   Potable Water
  ⦿   Wells
  ⦿   Potable Water Contamination
  ⦿   Solar Energy
  ⦿   Water Service Pipe
  ⦿   Water Distribution Pipe Material
  ⦿   Water Pressure Regulator
  ⦿   Water Pressure, Friction and Others
  ⦿   Water Consumption
  ⦿   Size of Water Supply Pipe to Fixture
  ⦿   Thermal Expansion Control
  ⦿   Gridded and Parallel Water Distribution
  ⦿   Lead Content of Pipes and Fittings
  ⦿   Water Distribution Pipe
  ⦿   Valves
  ⦿   Hot Water
  ⦿   Sanitary Drainage
  ⦿   Trenching
  ⦿   Separate Sewers
  ⦿   Sewage Treatment
  ⦿   Sanitary Drainage Pipe Material
  ⦿   Slope of Drainage Pipe
  ⦿   Change in Drain Pipe Size
  ⦿   Breakage and Corrosion of Pipes
  ⦿   Fittings
  ⦿   Prohibited Joints
  ⦿   Cleanouts
  ⦿   Drainage System Sumps and Ejectors
  ⦿   Vents
  ⦿   Air Valves
  ⦿   Vent Distances
  ⦿   Vent Terminations
  ⦿   Traps
  ⦿   Minimum Trap Size
  ⦿   Prohibited Traps
  ⦿   Trap Cleanout
  ⦿   Trap Defects
  ⦿   Protection
  ⦿   Protection Against Pipe Damage
  ⦿   Plumbing Support
  ⦿   Storm Drainage
  ⦿   Dryer System
  ⦿   Dryer Exhaust System
  ⦿   Oil Storage Tanks
  ⦿   Underground Fuel Gas Piping
  ⦿   Support for Fuel Gas Piping
  ⦿   Fuel Gas Sediment Traps
  ⦿   Shut-off Valves for Fuel Gas Appliances
  ⦿   Fuel Connectors
  ⦿   Fuel Gas Venting Systems
  ⦿   Insulation Shields
  ⦿   Factory-Built Chimney Serving Fuel Gas
  ⦿   Chimney Connection
  ⦿   Fuel Gas Vent Terminations
  ⦿   Automatic Dampers
  ⦿   Procedural Inspection Checklist
  ⦿   Checklist for Bathroom Fixtures

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