We are Certified to Perform Roof Inspections in Florida.

Roof inspector certification seal.

Requirements to be an InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector

Certified Roof Inspector Certificate.


The goal of this course is to teach inspectors how to inspect the roof-covering system of a home.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  ⦿   inspect all different types of residential roofs;
  ⦿   identify the systems and components of roof systems;
  ⦿   understand how the components of a roof system function and perform;
  ⦿   describe to clients defects observed at the roof system.

Course includes:

  ⦿   30,573 words;
  ⦿   2 hours of instructional video;
  ⦿   inspection and writing assignment;
  ⦿   research and writing assignment;
  ⦿   100 quiz questions in 8 quizzes;
  ⦿   a 75-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  ⦿   instant grading; and
  ⦿   Certificate of Completion.

You will learn the following:

  ⦿   Common Roof Terms
  ⦿   General Roof Terms
  ⦿   Roof Styles and Details
  ⦿   Common Roof Issues
  ⦿   Gutters and Drainage
  ⦿   Roof Drainage and Gutters
  ⦿   Downspout Terminations
  ⦿   Framing and Trim
  ⦿   Roof Framing From Outside
  ⦿   Roofing Trim
  ⦿   Roof Coverings
  ⦿   Asphalt Shingles I
  ⦿   Asphalt Shingles II
  ⦿   Slate Tile Roofing
  ⦿   Clay and Concrete Tile
  ⦿   Asbestos Cement Tiles
  ⦿   Wood Shingle and Shake I
  ⦿   Wood Shingle and Shake II
  ⦿   Flat Roofs: Roll Roofing
  ⦿   Flat Roofs: Built-up
  ⦿   Flat Roofs: Membranes
  ⦿   Metal Roofing
  ⦿   Roofing Oddities
  ⦿   Roof Flashings
  ⦿   Edge and Ridge Flashings
  ⦿   Valley Flashings
  ⦿   Roof-to-Roof Flashings
  ⦿   Roof-to-Wall Flashings
  ⦿   Chimney Flashings
  ⦿   Vents and Other Penetrations
  ⦿   Roof Ventilation
  ⦿   Basic Ventilation
  ⦿   Inspecting Chimneys
  ⦿   Masonry Chimneys
  ⦿   Manufactured Chimneys

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