We are Certified Safe Home Inspector.

Certified Safe Inspector certification seal.

Requirements to be a Certified Safe Inspector.

Certified Safe Inspector Certificate.


This course teaches the Inspector how to be safe on an inspection.


Upon successful completion, the Inspector will be able to:
  ⦿   wear personal protection equipment;
  ⦿   use a ladder safely,
  ⦿   provide client safety; and
  ⦿   take action if an injury occurs.

Course includes:

  ⦿   47,690 words;
  ⦿   35 minutes of instructional video;
  ⦿   student study guide;
  ⦿   inspection and writing assignment;
  ⦿   research and writing assignment;
  ⦿   94 quiz questions in 13 quizzes;
  ⦿   35-question final exam
  ⦿   Certificate of Completion.

You will learn the following: 

Introduction to Inspector Safety
  ⦿   Welcome
  ⦿   A Brief Word Regarding OSHA's Role
  ⦿   Inspector Liability
  ⦿   InterNACHI Residential Standards of Practice
  ⦿   The Limitations of a Home Inspection
  ⦿   To Exceed or Not to Exceed
  ⦿   12 Steps That Help Inspectors Avoid Lawsuits

Basic Safety Tools and Tips

  ⦿   Apparel for Safety and Professionalism
  ⦿   Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  ⦿   Inspection Signage
  ⦿   Tools of the Trade
  ⦿   Tools of the Business
  ⦿   Avoiding Common Back Injuries

Ladder Operation and Safety

  ⦿   What is a Ladder?
  ⦿   Ladder Injury Statistics
  ⦿   Protecting Yourself
  ⦿   OSHA's Requirements for Ladders
  ⦿   Ladder Sizing and Ratings
  ⦿   Inspecting a Ladder
  ⦿   Setting Up and Using a Ladder
  ⦿   Ladders and Electricity
  ⦿   Review

Being Safe with the Roof

  ⦿   Inspecting Roofs & Risk Factors
  ⦿   Gaining Access to the Roof
  ⦿   Fall-Arrest Systems
  ⦿   Alternatives to Walking a Roof

Being Safe with the Exterior

  ⦿   Asbestos Cement Siding Inspection
  ⦿   Lead Paint Hazards

Being Safe with Heating Systems

  ⦿   Gas-Fired Combustion Appliances
  ⦿   Gas-Fired Wall and Floor Heaters
  ⦿   Oil-Fired Combustion Appliances
  ⦿   Electric Heating Systems

Being Safe with Electrical Systems

  ⦿   PPE for Electrical Inspections
  ⦿   Using a Voltage Detector
  ⦿   Removing Panel Screws
  ⦿   Removing the Dead Front
  ⦿   Inspecting the Panel Interior
  ⦿   Replacing the Dead Front

Being Safe with Confined Spaces

  ⦿   What is a Confined Space?
  ⦿   Permit-Required Confined Spaces
  ⦿   Attic Inspection
  ⦿   Attic Pull-Down Ladders
  ⦿   Crawlspaces, Cellars & Other Confined Spaces
  ⦿   Unseen Hazards

Unusual Hazards in Problem Homes

  ⦿   Hydroponics Inspection
  ⦿   Marijuana Grow Operations
  ⦿   Meth Labs

Post-Disaster Inspections

  ⦿   Inspecting After an Emergency

Animal and Pest Hazards

  ⦿   Dealing with Dogs
  ⦿   Arthropods and Snakes

What to Do in Case of an Injury

  ⦿   General First-Aid Information and Disclaimer
  ⦿   What to Do If You Fall from a Ladder
  ⦿   Skull Fractures
  ⦿   Closed-Head Injuries
  ⦿   Broken Bones
  ⦿   Electrical Burns
  ⦿   Puncture Wounds
  ⦿   Severe Bleeding
  ⦿   Animal Bites
  ⦿   Snake Bites
  ⦿   Animal Bites
  ⦿   Bee Stings
  ⦿   Minor Cuts and Scrapes

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